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Hi! I’m Kaleigh. Summarizing myself and the purpose of this blog is a little more challenging than I imagined, but I’ll start here: I’m 28 years old, and at the ripe age of 25 I actually achieved my greatest accomplishment thus far and married a tall, dark & handsome doctor man. I’M KIDDING! I was 24. Really though, he’s my soul-mate and I love him with my whole heart.  Obviously my actual greatest accomplishment was the day our sweet baby girl (now 2yo) entered this world! Thus allowing me to achieve another personal dream of mine: early retirement! But as it turns out, staying home and spending every waking moment of the day taking care of a tiny human is more work than I could have EVER imagined. Nonetheless, I love her more than words could ever describe. Even if she does body slam herself to the ground throughout Target just because I ask her to refrain from licking the floor or pulling the fire alarm.

And just to be clear since we’re on the topic of bad kids, it is TOTALLY ok if you don’t have any! This isn’t an exclusive blog just for moms. My motivation to create The Momshell Blog stemmed from the things I loved and missed most about working in the real world: picking out my outfits and social interaction with others! My hope is that the content, pictures and daily life occurrences I share here and on social media can be a place of inspiration for all walks of life. Whether you’re single/married, preggers, trying to conceive, a mom, in high school, a mom in high school, or maybe you’re a man with exquisite taste in women’s blogs — whatever the case may be, I’m glad you’re here and hope you follow along!

And for anyone reading this that IS a mom… #blessit. This job is not for the faint of heart amiright?! But just because we’ve sacrificed our bodies, freedom, independence, hair (seriously, no one prepared me for the hair loss?!) etc, it doesn’t mean we have to give up on our sense of style too! So here’s to being the best, explosive versions of ourselves. PS, I may or may not have gained 75 pounds during pregnancy, so if and when the time comes to make another bebe, it’s safe to assume that I’ll uphold my “explosive” part of the bargain.

I look forward to sharing this journey with all you momshells, bombshells, manshells, seashells etc. out there!